Is there an Addon that Logs You into Sites Automatically?

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Post Posted April 25th, 2020, 3:32 pm

Is there an addon that stores and autofills your password credentials on websites without having to type your passwords? I want it to log you in automatically, securely and trustingly. I need one thats offline, not one that stores your data online on a server.


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If your browser knows where your passwords are located, they are Not secure. ... ur-browser

You need to use a password manager. If you want totally offline and securely (trustingly is ignored as it's just a synonym for securely), then KeePass is the best one I have found. I've been using it for over a decade now. I've looked at others, but they all have deal-breakers for me - online syncing or $ (KeePass is totally free forever)

I just installed BitWarden to look, but the first thing it did upon startup was to ask me to set up a new account for an online vault. I exited and uninstalled it.

The learning curve is steeper than other, but it's worth it.

You can't get full-automatic unless the browser knows where the passwords are. If it knows, it can be hacked and requested to upload All your passwords.

KeePass can securely auto-type your credentials, but you have to put the cursor in the proper start place and press a hotkey to activate KeePass. It will check what the current app is (KeePass can send data to Any app, not just a browser). If it sees Firefox, it will check the address of the current page and then it sends the credentials to the app. Firefox just receives simulated keypresses but does Not know where they came from so it can't ask the source for anything.

Since it's not synced anywhere, you have to keep secure backups of the local password vault. If you need to access passwords on more than one device, you need to copy it to that device. If you need them remotely, you can install the program and vault on a thumb drive and take it with you.

Enough to get you started - go to and start learning.


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