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Post Posted April 8th, 2020, 11:16 am

I have been using FF for ages. Now it won't load any websites. I looked at my profile and it has installed a different profile and is not using the one I had. I deleted all the bogus files and folders, but when I restarted it it recreated them and they don't work.

I have my profile installed on the D: drive. I have the profile.ini file with the appropriate entries to find my profile, BUT it does not.
When I start my profile.ini is changed from this:


to this:





When I open FF, it tell me I have a new profile and wants me to log into sync to get my synced settings. I am not trusting this.
Can someone tell me what is happening?

ver 74.0.1 64 bit


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Post Posted April 8th, 2020, 4:52 pm

These days (ever since FF 67) Profile have been totally buggered, IMHO.
In addition to profiles.ini there is also an installs.ini.

And I don't know (any more, if I did - ever - since 67), I've pretty much given up on Profile Manager & simply use links to particular profiles using the -Profile switch in the link. (IOW, I bypass Profile Manager - completely. In particular in that there still remains Firefox start slowly when started through ProfileManager.)

That said, smarty pants FF does not like if you visit an existing Profile with an older version of FF, or something along those lines.
And I think that if that is attempted, something like it will then want you to create a new Profile, or something or the other.

And the "fix" was... (oh, I can't remember!) maybe ? delete (rename is better) installs.ini?
Maybe that will allow you to select 'Bill' & have things work?

Backup before doing anything.
Then see if anyone confirms my memories.
And then, proceed carefully & hope for the best.

Do make backups. Of your Profiles. Of existing profiles.ini & installs.ini.

(And I know zero of sync, much less if that could have any bearing on anything.
'Bill' should have all its' data there. Back it up.)
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Post Posted April 8th, 2020, 7:15 pm

@therube == that is interesting, we both joined this forum the same month & year.
thanks. I have been having issues with FF for a while now, but this is the first time I have seen these other files in the Mozilla folders.
I gave up and uninstalled everything and reinstalled v75. When I logged back into sync, everything was setup the way I had it, addons, bookmarks, and all (I think). I had made a couple of changes to the prefs file, but I can't remember what or why so I figure I would just start over. So if sync got me back to where I was I guess backing up the profile isn't critical as I did not use anything from the old profile.
Now to set FF as default and see if it is any better than it was.
thanks again.

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