Firefox keeps crashing even after full uninstall

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I have a problem since fews days with my firefox 74.0.1 (64 bits).

It keeps crashing at start or after fews seconds navigating even in safe mode, sometimes just the tab crash and sometime firefox entirely crash. I tried to uninstall addons first, then reset the configuration. It still crash even after a full uninstall with Revo.. I have no virus (tried with Avira, malwarebyte, zhpcleaner and adwcleaner).

Has anyone ever experienced this trouble? Thanks for reading me and excuse my english if there are some mistakes.

OS: Windows 10 1903 64bit

Firefox: 74.0.1 (64 bits)

RAM: Doesn't swap

Lot of free space on disk

Antivirus: Avira up to date


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Try starting with a new profile.
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If the new Profile works, go to about:crashes & make sure the crash reports were sent.
Then post the last few related URLs, here.
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