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Hi guys

I use Firebird and Mozilla in Windows and in Linux, and there's a difference in the way they act when you press the middle button in each one. In Windows it closes the tab. In linux it goes I don't know where. Is there a way to have in linux the same behaviour that in windows? (middle button closes tab). This happens in every mozilla product like forever.


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In Linux, at url about:config, the default for middlemouse.paste is true, making it paste the clipboard or selected text. Set it to false and I think you will get the close tab behavior. You may also be able to middle click links to open them in new tabs. You may also want to change middlemouse.contentLoadURL to false


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Depending on your LinuxOS you may be able to set a global condition.
You should have several items in about:config which may also redirect to system control over FF.
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This was a copy+paste of a old guest post from 2003.

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