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The homepage set to about:about is a neat little trick, Dickvl. I'm going to use this.

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hey guys

1.. found a way to restart FF with all open tabs still there when it restarts


then ignore warning screen, and click on restart

2.. found a way to reload all open tabs

select first tab, press 'shift' and select last tab, then right click, and select "reload tabs"

3.. is a project for a quiet day, I looked, appears to be way above my paygrade

It seems to me from what I have researched using google, there is a huge demand for the feature 'tabs on bottom" below all other bars, wonder why Mozilla does not add that feature, or why some person does not create a simple addon to do that as in the past

thanks folks, cheers

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I didn't know the about the about:restartrequired page.

The about:about page is missing these urls:

* about:reader
* about:restartrequired
* about:sessionrestore
* about:welcomeback

Firefox and the "about" protocol


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Note that there is a "Select All Tabs" in the Tab bar context menu (Reload Tab will change to "Reload Tabs")

Some items have "HIDE_FROM_ABOUTABOUT" ... rector.cpp

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g'day everyone

firstly, thank you all so much for your patience and recommendations.

Mr. L., I have not used a Chrome.css thingy ever.

I am becoming acclimatized to the newest version of FF, and appreciate it is faster, and cooler looking

The problem with the daily about 4pm need to recover from previous session because of hanging has been eliminated

I am able to refresh all tabs at once, and I can now even restart FF and open with tabs previously open before.

One last thing I need is that "tabs be on the bottom" of the bars, and hope an pray some one will develop an app to do that, one day, soon

I am a dummy, and I can't do the Chrome.css

thanks again, cheers

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