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I only use Send Tab To Device in FF on my laptop occasionally to send tabs to FF on my Android phone, and the same with FF Notes, usually also FF on the laptop to the FF Notes App on the phone. Hadn't used either for a couple of weeks before a problem with Send Tab yesterday and Notes today - so I am not sure whether this issue started with the update to FF 67 yesterday or earlier, though I find the timing suspicious and suspect this is a FF67 problem.

Previously, if I did Send Tab to Device to send a tab from laptop FF to the phone, a notification on the phone would appear in seconds, which I could then tap on to start FF opening with that sent tab. Yesterday I was trying for many minutes, with nothing happening on the phone, whether I had FF closed or open on the phone, and trying with the send-to-tab in the new Firefox Account toolbar button drop down, and the send-to-tab in the 3 dots in the address box menu, and the actual tab context menu, the page context menu, and the one in the hamburger menu. On some attempts a little blue box would pop up saying tab sent on the laptop FF, on others it wouldn't, but in no case did the notification appear on the phone. It ended by suddenly producing SIX notifications simultaneously on the phone after many minutes and also after I had, I think, manually re-synced both laptop and phone FF, and then (I think, I was at this so long that my medication addled memory is now confused) actually signing out of my FF account on (I think) the laptop, then back in again. But both laptop and phone FF started signed in, both are set to sync, and I never had to specially sync either before, let alone log out and back into my account, when Send To Tab just worked immediately every time.

And just now, trying to send an amazon pick up code from FF Notes on the laptop to the Notes App on the Phone. Previously, if I added the note in FF, and then opened the Notes app on the phone, the new note would just be there when it opened; if the Notes App was already open on the phone, the new note would appear within a couple of seconds; and if I deleted a note on either, it would disappear on the other within seconds. But today, I added the note in the laptop FF notes sidebar, opened the Notes app on the phone, and nothing. Nor did it appear after manually syncing in the Notes app on the phone. It only appeared when I first manually synced in the laptop FF Notes sidebar (where the new note was) and then manually synced in the notes app on the phone. And when I then deleted an old note on the phone, it did not disappear in the laptop FF Sidebar Notes until I manually synced the phone app Notes again, then synced the laptop FF sidebar Notes again. I never had to sync either manually before, let alone both repeatedly for each change

What is going on? Is this bugs, or a deliberate change in behaviour in Notes (if the later it is making it much worse)? And the Send To Tab shenanigans is definitely bugs. Or are there some new about:config settings that need changing?

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