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running FF ver 52.9.0 64bit win 10 pro

Sometimes websites have old stuff on them example news sites, may have yesterdays fdata still, so in the past I go to Tools/Options/Privacy/History,
and there is a selection I can make to clear the vcache

This morning it is not there, only clear history and cookies

How can I get this option back to clear cache

I also have some add ons to clear cache, and they are not workimng

kindest thanks, cheers


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Hello Peter,
In History, what is displayed in "Firefox will"..drop down...
If "Use Custom Settings" is not displayed then
select that from the drop down.
All should be revealed.

If not, tried Firefox Safe Mode yet?
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g'day Mr.L

when I select "use custom settings" the drop down slections do NOT include a choice to clear cache

and Mr. B, if I do the ctrl + shift + del, that works perfectly

thanks fellas, much appreciated



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In the Firefox 52 ESR you appear to be using you clear the cache in the old location under Advanced.
Options/Preferences -> Advanced -> Network

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