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Post Posted May 8th, 2019, 3:48 am

Every now and then, I will run into a site where someone has wrapped links in bad javascript that causes right and/or middle clicks to immediately load the linked page in the current tab as if I had left-clicked, which interferes very badly with the normal operation of my middle and right-click buttons, not to mention being obnoxious behavior. Usually I can just disable javascript on that site, but sometimes it happens on sites where I need javascript to work. Does anyone know of an addon that will prevent this from happening? Or can I add something to my userchrome.css?


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Moving this to Firefox Support...
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I don't think a style rule in userChrome.css can handle a script issue. You might need an extension or userscript to bypass the click handler on that link. Whether there is a general formula for that or it needs to be site specific, I don't know.

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