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I have been a user of Mozzilla Firefox for many years now and have never had any complaints until now. I just moved into a new home and can't get Directv so I subscribed to Directv Now only to find out that Firefox no longer supports it. As a result I am forced to use Google Chrome which I HATE. I really hope that Mozzila will soon start to support Direct Now because I would much rather use Firefox than to even have Chrome on my computer.


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Moving to Firefox Support.

What makes you say that
Firefox no longer supports
DirectTV? What happens when you try to access it?
Have you tried starting Firefox in Mozilla Safe Mode?


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See the following link:

This would be caused by Directv Now using a propitiatory service used only in Chrome. Per the following article, you can use Firefox to manage your account, but not stream. ... si=HrgKvcw

In short, it's not Mozilla's fault, it's directv Now's issue for using a service that is in Chrome.
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