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Hi Brummelchen. Thanks for writing me back. Please allow me to address what you wrote.

1-Yes you are correct. Both my wife's Windows 7, and my Windows 10 are set up the same way regarding the browsers and Outlook.
2-I 'copy all' by using the keyboard shortcut ... holding down the 'CTRL' key and 'A' at the same time.
3-I went to the link you were kind to provide to me with and looked through it. I have 'reset' Firefox Portable, and I've also tried using Firefox Portable in 'safe mode' (with no extensions) and the font issue still occurs.
4-No, I don't have access to any other computers to try the combination of Outlook and Portable on at the moment. I guess I'll live with it. I can always just up the size of my font to 12 pt, so that when it shrinks on me, it will be the size (10) that I wanted to begin with. I guess that's a pretty swift and easy fix. LOL

I appreciate your input and trying to help me. It just strikes me as strange that Firefox 53 doesn't give me this issue.
Anyway you wrote <<they have announced to grab money for the newest stuff, in the near future. portable firefox is a great deal to make money. >> Would you explain this to me please. It sounds to me that Firefox Portable in some manner is going to start to impose a charge of some kind. Thanks a lot ........... Cheers, Bruce

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