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My Firefox profile is OLD and HUGE. It goes back to Netscape Navigator in some respects. I decided to try and trim it down and speed things up. I exported passwords and backed up bookmarks. I started with a clean profile and imported those two items. I then added back some addons (less a couple which were obsolete or discontinued.) I now have a working profile which is ONLY 45 MB (instead of 75 MB.)

I do see one thing missing. On my current profile I see various icons next to my bookmarks. In the new profile I only see a generic globe next to each bookmark. I seem to recall that MANY years ago I had to do something to make these icons appear but honestly I have no idea how or what I did.

Would someone please help me with this?




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If you visit a bookmarked site the icon should appear.

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Thanks RobertJ,

I thought that would do the trick. However, it seems to be hit and miss. I have a group of bookmarks in a folder on the bookmark bar. I opened all in tabs and only 4 of 11 bookmarks picked up their icons. On my "production" profile 10 of the 11 have individual icons. Perhaps Firefox will learn them all over time. I vaguely remember there being some technique to kick the thing in the pants and make it populate the icons but I have no idea what it was. I observe that 10 of the 11 sites have icons on their tabs but these have not spread to the bookmarks.

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Thanks again,



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Just for your own piece of mind... and maybe discover 'a' bookmarks file problem... you might want to create another profile and just use it as-is... then visit those problem sites that you have, bookmark them and then check to see if the icons are there. Not sure if you know about the no-remote switch but you can have both profiles running at the same time...

Opening a new instance of your Mozilla application with another profile - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
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