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On a number of news sites eg scrolling down the page past a video activates a floating video box - or flyout - or sticky video - whatever you want to call it that carries the main video with it and can get very annoying indeed. Especially if you have not deactivated autoplay with about:config
Full disclosure - that's about the limit of my IT skills. What I would like to achieve, and have not found yet in spite of extensive searching is a simple way to insert some js into the dailymail page that will prevent the floating videobox from activating.
As it stands deactivating autoplay stops the video automatically starting, but it seems to stop the teaser previews too in the main video box which I quite like.
If I deactivate js completely then I disable all sorts of other things like comments although that does stop the boxes!
Like quite number of others, I would like to stop the page from activating the miniature video box that follows me down the page leaving everything else intact.
Please could some able person give me a simple command to disable the sticky and a simple method with instructions as to how to implement eg with what Firefox extension I would use and exactly how to make it happen. I have customscript but its not clear to me how to use it.
I am using Firefox on Mac operating system.
Looking through the web this feature seems to be in demand, and I would really appreciate it if someone could point me (us) in the right direction.
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Other thread mentioned using uBlock, but I'm not sure what to set in uBlock to block it?

If I use, ##.vjs-flyout-wrapper-absolute, the does kill the "flyout", but then the "regular" player also fails to play, so... ? ... g-dog.html
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My solution still works here.


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