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Post Posted May 14th, 2018, 2:37 pm

With version 60 Firefox will not run in Sandboxie
without switching "security.sandbox.content.level" to 2 (down from the default of 5)

Does this mean that FF now has its own full fledged content sandbox?
What does this mean when not running FF in sandboxie with the content level lowered, less security? no impact? What?
No longer use Sandboxie? With my type browsing it probably is not necessary anyway.

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Post Posted May 14th, 2018, 3:23 pm

2 sandboxes always collide.

Q1 ->

Q2 ->

using firefox in sandboxie is different, caused by design
and yes, firefox in sandboxie lowers security of firefox (bad)
yes, malware still stayes in the box (good)

this ends always in discussions - those who trust firefox in general or firefox with some security extensions,
and those who did not trust firefox and other programs and run them always in the box.

i am first group - i trust firefox - it makes no difference if certain malware hits me - it can read out data and send it with firefox.
but it need to break my security in many levels (ofc a sandboxie license offer more options than the free version)

further - most people using firefox or chrome or any other browser (except edge=not possible) anytime ran into trouble when content is mixed up with inside and outside. (data recovery from sandboxie)
and you can not run a firefox update in sandboxie - will always collide with outside.

i can create you many situations where you can be infected with firefox outside but the possibility is very low from my view.
the average user dont know much about sandboxie thus it has not really advantage.

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