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Post Posted May 11th, 2018, 5:07 pm

On Linux installing multiple Firefox versions is merely opening the tar.bz2 archive and extract its cont to the folder where you want to install Firefox.
That can be a folder in /usr/local or a folder in you home directory.
I use a file manager with two panes and open the archive with cursor Right in one pane and copy all files to the folder in the other pane.

You can create a bash script file to start Firefox 52 with the -app switch.
application.ini is a file that is part of the XULrunner version of SQLite Manager, so you need to extract all files in that archive as well to a folder.
path_to firefox-52/firefox -app path_to/application.ini

On Windows you probably need to be more cautious to prevent issues with the Windows Registry when you install multiple versions via a custom install and you may have to reinstall the current release if you notice issues.

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@dickvl, thanks for the guidance. I only need to install a 2nd version of FF on my Linux machine, so no concerns about Windows.

One thing's still not clear to me. Since I would only use 52ESR for XULrunner, I would never need to open FF52 browser window, right? Otherwise, it would look for an existing profile folder and find my v55 profile folder. I guess I would need to be careful not to ever open v52 browser window.


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Starting SQLite Manager as a XULrunner application

How do you go about that?

Something like ?

> firefox -app C:\TMP\sqlite manager\application.ini -no-remote -safe-mode

But there exists no application.ini, so just what should it be?
And if there is (an application.ini), is what I have above the correct way to go about it?
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