How to open tabs in unloaded state after session restore ?

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Hello, I think I had an extension to do this but I lost it with the others when had to create a new user profile, it appeared in the tab contextual menu as "unload tab".

I always have over 200 open tabs and FF often crashes so it (or another extension) restores the tabs and windows, but there are so many that it slows down the computer. Is there a setting or more likely an extension to restore tabs in an unloaded state ?

I need something reliable. Right now I use Tab Suspender which unloads tabs after they are loaded (not exactly what I want) and rewrites the URL to the extension path, meaning that if this extension stops working my saved session becomes useless.

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That's already the default setting. I can't imagine it would be different in case of a crash, since the sites could be the cause of the crash in the first place. In the location bar, enter about:config?filter=browser.sessionstore*demand
  • browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand is for regular tabs. By default (true), they're not loaded until clicked.
  • browser.sessionstore.restore_pinned_tabs_on_demand is for pinned tabs. By default (false), they're loaded immediately.


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So FF does it by default ? (the settings do correspond)
Great now I just need a way to pause the tabs I don't use often. Tab Suspender appears to be a very dangerous choice as I foresaw.

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