FF 57 64bit sluggish on Wunderground Wundermap

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Post Posted November 16th, 2017, 1:40 pm

I used FF 57 all day yesterday and noticed when going to WeatherUnderground Wundermap with the "weather stations" checkbox checked, FF would halt for several seconds when trying to move the map around with the cursor or zoom in or out. With Chrome or Opera it is completely smooth.


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(Not that I am familiar with wunderground, but) nothing looked amiss to me.

See if restarting in Safe Mode makes a difference?
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Moving to Firefox Support.


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No problem here with any of the weather station options.
As well as Safe Mode you might want to clear the Firefox cache and any WU cookies.

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Yes, I tried safe mode, no difference. Cleared cache too.

Mightyglydd, so after going to the wunderground map and selecting the weather stations, for me it shows southern california. All of the weather stations with weather data appear after checking the box. I then use cursor to move map to Las Vegas. In the process it halts and does not flow smoothly. I think it matters if you pick a larger city vs a smaller one with fewer readings.

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