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I hope it's the right forum, surely it is a bug.
Firefox did an update this morning, and when I tried to login to my bank website later, it didn't know the login nor the password. After a little research it appeared that there was only ONE login/password in the profile, one that I changed yesterday. After a lot of trials and searching I found a backup from a year ago, and those profile files were accepted by Firefox, so I now have recovered all logins for which the password has not been changed over the last year, and also not anyone newer than 1 year. I expect a few problems coming up in the next week or so.

I have used this feature for at least 3 years without any problem, so how can this happen. The feature is very useful, but if it is not reliable it becomes instantly useless. Does Firefox keep a secret backup somewhere or is there any other solution? I have synced firefox with my phone, and the phone still remembered some passwords, but I don't see how I can recover from my phone back to my laptop either.

Any suggestions welcome, but finding the bug and fixing it is better.


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Moving to Firefox Support...
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This is the solution for the logins.json becoming corrupt whereby the user's passwords were inaccessible, but you can use the same troubleshooting steps to address your problem concerning missing passwords.


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Do you have an "Old Firefox Data" folder on the desktop in case the Refresh feature in Firefox has been used and a new profile has been created? ... t-problems

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