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I'm not sure if this is the right section to ask but anyway is there perhaps an add-on that can find Italicized words or something similar? I'm making an epub of a translated novel and finding those Italicized words manually is pretty tiresome.


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Moving to Firefox Support...

Have you tried searching the Addons site?
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Take note of any comments by the author/s, as they may stop support for it/them soon.
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Maybe use the Web Console or a bookmarklet if you are only interested in Italicized words and not its context.
It shouldn't be too difficult to come up with some JavaScript to find such text.
You can add a class to found nodes and use a style sheet or set a background color.
Some code to play with:
Code: Select all
var e=document.querySelectorAll("div,p,span"),E,i,F=[];
for(i=0; E=e[i]; i++){
if("font-style") == "italic"){"background-color","#fcf","important");
C = {"node":E.nodeName,"content":E.textContent};
prompt(JSON.stringify(C), JSON.stringify(C));
prompt(JSON.stringify(F), JSON.stringify(F));

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