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Post Posted March 19th, 2017, 12:38 pm

kevs wrote:Another site today wanted to do auto log in,, but after manual, secure log in box did not some up to offer update. Not a Bank.

AFAIK ... the entire function (or most of it) is built on the principle that 1st... a user has their Firefox set to remember passwords because Secure Login (SC) does not contain any login data... all it does is sit there (that Icon we've been talking about) and when a user hits a site where they've already saved login data ... that icon changes to yellow and that tells the user that SC is ready to fill in the user login data with a single click (on that icon) and then feed that data to the site... that is about all that it was written to do... so, I go to say... eBay... I visit that site (at its login screen) and once that login screen has loaded my icon key changes to yellow... when I see that I click on that icon and SC loads my login stuff into the proper fields and then sends that info to eBay... if you save PW's in Firefox SC should check to see if you have a PW already in the data base... if so... it uses that data and sends it to the site... if you are not getting any yellow key for a Firefox saved PW ... then something is not working in your profile. BTW...

kevs wrote:I undersood the gist I think: thanks. I've never seen yellow ever. If I do it means it worked? Yes

No support for secure log in correct?

Is it odd that with Godaddy today, no offer to me to save a password?

"options in there that is messing with that extension"-- not sure, sorry D

Welllll... if you go to the add-on site it has a link to Support and Help...
Issues · sarahavilov/secure-login · GitHub
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Not sure about Godaddy.. I don't use it so I have no answer for you.... many sites retain user PW data in their cookies... maybe that is why Firefox did not prompt you? ... I'll assume that you have your Firefox Security/PW setting to save passwords?
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