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Don't know if this is right forum for this as I have no idea what is causing the problem
I run a Dell desktop on Win 10 and one of the those crappy Epson printers (its the last of three, the other two I dropped from a great height into a skip (it didn't repair them but it made me feel good)

The PC knows it's there, the printer has the correct and latest drivers, it is the default printer and it's settings are correct (as far as I know)
But every time I try to print Firefox drops into the Not Responding mode, beats itself to death and has to close

I cannot fathom why, I'm not an IT man by any stretch, but I'm not a total moron either; and I just cannot see what the problem is (outside that is either Win 10 or Epson; or both)
If I am in the right place a pointer towards a fix would be appreciated, and if I am not sorry for wasting your time

Many thanks


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Moving to Firefox Support.

Does the same thing occur if you launch the application in Mozilla Safe Mode?

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It's been an unresolved problem since at least v37.0.1:
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Thanks for both replies, a bit glad that I'm not the only one to come across this

In the end I simply uninstalled both the printer and Firefox.
Reboot and reinstalled both, ensured print queue was empty, went to print and after a long wait (a bit like the old hourglass in Win 95) it suddenly burst into print!

No doubt I will be there again!!

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Thank you, I did this way, and it's can print now !

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Try typing the printer driver and reinstall it to see if it works


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Locking this oldie.
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