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The "Firefox Sync" feature needs a lot of work. First of all, even though it sometimes does, it too often does not work with Add-ons. There has been numerous times when I've kept both systems up for days and they do not sync the add-ons. Secondly, it has no progress bar or anything like that, so you never know if it's actually even attempting to do anything. So yes, Firefox good, Add-ons good, Sync bad.


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Help - submit feedback
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I can't help but agree Sync needs work, (toward which I've submitted feedback), much for the reasons mentioned above. This is frustrating, because the bill of sale makes it sound entirely automated based merely on logging in with the same email account and password and, of course, choosing what you want synched. I simply installed the new version of Sync on two different pc's, checked off all the boxes in the Sync management tab for each browser, and named each "device" there according to the machine the browser is on. I can't get the add-ons to synchronize using Sync Now even though both machines show me logged into Sync.

I agree also that there should be a progress bar. You can slide the Sync icon up into a toolbar through the Customize feature. When you click it, it spins and turns green for a millisecond. This would work as a sign of progress if it stayed green and kept spinning. Can't tell what the problem might be. Tried different things. (Disabled Xmarks, for example, just in case there was a conflict.)

Other questions came to mind, as follows, but no combination of efforts has yet to yield desired results.
1) At the bottom of the Sync management tab, should the Device Name be DIFFERENT for each machine, (for obvious reasons), or should it be the SAME as the name assigned the machine FROM WHICH one wishes to import the Add-ons? {Nowhere have I been able to find any discussion along these lines.)
2) After a Sync Now command has been given, do both browsers on both machines need to be OPEN in order for the synchronization to occur?
3) After a Sync Now command has been given, do both browsers on both machines need to be CLOSED in order for the synchronization to occur?
4) After a Sync Now command has been given, does one browser need to be open and the other closed ...and if so, which for which?
5) Is the Sync Now command supposed to be given on only the 2nd browser?
6) Since I'm trying to sync what's on one machine to the other, and not the reverse, should all the boxes on the RECEIVING browser be UNCHECKED within its Sync management tab?

Geesh. Documentation should account for these things.

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It is almost unbelievable, yet so woefully true. More than 5 years later, the synchronization function is useless beyond belief! No matter what, neither the open tabs, nor any collection ever gets synchronized!
I can even share a collection... I can even send it to a connected browser, but that is just about all. The collection is never received in the browser, even after honking a notification for every tab supposedly received. The notification queue is full of them, yet the browser has received nothing at all! Not a single tab, much less an entire collection! It is like posting a letter to a shredder! It is so frustrating!

Of course, I can save it to a Google drive, but there is no way to import it to Firefox, obviously. Oh, it is so useless that it could as well export it in smoke signals instead.

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