How to change the color of panel?

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Hi all,

Maybe someone knows how to change the color of panel.

When I used Firefox 28 and MX4 1.1.7 theme this panel was grey. After updating to Firefox 29 and to MX4 2.1 this panel became blue (color of window of my MS Windows 7). What files in must be changed and how? - link to how it looks like

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Use a user style instead of tampering with the theme file. That way your changes won't be lost when the theme is updated, and you don't risk breaking it.

If you don't mind changing the color of the title bar as well, try this in Stylish or userChrome.css. In the latter, the first line should only appear once in the file.
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@namespace url(;

#navigator-toolbox { background: rgb(245,245,245) !important; }

I'm not sure if it will affect anything else it's not supposed to. I'd normally try affecting the tab bar element directly, but when the title bar is hidden there's a weird gap below the caption buttons.


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