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Firefox Support FAQ
°°Installing Firefox on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems
°°Updating Firefox (including common update problems)
°°Importing Bookmarks / Importing data from other browsers
°°Firefox Options window
°°Firefox profile folder and Profile backup
°°Transferring your data and settings to a new profile or a new computer

Firefox Add-ons and Plugins:
°°Customizing Firefox with add-ons
°°Unable to install extensions or themes
°°Installing or troubleshooting Java, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Flash, Shockwave and Adobe Reader
°°Firefox and ActiveX

Common Firefox Support issues:
°°Lost bookmarks
°°Unable to save or download files
°°"Firefox is already running but is not responding" message
°°Error loading websites / Connection Issues and Firewall issues
°°Video or audio does not play
°°Firefox fails to start up
°°Firefox hangs / freezes
°°Firefox crashes (an error occurs and Firefox closes)
°°Images or animations do not load (or images look wrong)
°°Common Firefox issues on Vista
°°More frequently encountered issues and fixes

The Standard Diagnostic provides a complete set of steps that will resolve most problems with Firefox, if Firefox was working previously and includes suggestions for Firefox Safe Mode troubleshooting.
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This is a general FAQ dealing with issues that are not specific to the current version.
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