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Today I tried to upgrade Firefox on my Windows 10 Desktop. I am getting a message that says "Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible". Everything was working fine until I decided to upgrade after being told that my Firefox was taking too long to load so the update would help!
I have uninstalled Firefox and then downloaded it again after re-booting my PC. I get exactly the same message!! Once again after re-booting, I tried to load import my bookmarks into Google Chrome but that tells me that Firefox must be closed -- as far as I can see it is not open!!


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See if you profile is locked:
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Thank you. I think that I am reasonably computer literate but I am having problems with this. To look for the profile it appears that I need Firefox on my PC. Unfortunately I had uninstalled it once (as said above) and now cannot get it to re-install as I am just getting the message shown in my original post.
I have just tried to re-install it again with the same result.

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Somehow I managed to get into Profile Manager (I do not have the slightest idea as to why it worked this time). There were two profiles, so I changed to the one that was not highlighted and Firefox burst into life!! I am sorry if I have wasted everybody's time -- I can assure you that you are nowhere as frustrated as I am!!!!


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You know... there has been a lot of reports on the internet about all the problems that some of the latest Win10 updates have caused so maybe that has something to do with it. And BTW, you mentioned that there are two profiles in there...did you create the 'other one' at some time? .. and not sure where profiles reside in Win10 disk but you can get into Help/Troubleshooting info... and in there you can click on About Profiles to see what you have going on... then you can click on any of the Root directory (open folder) button and Windows file explorer will open up at that folder... you can check the dates to see when they were created. It may give you some info on 'when' that other profile was created...

Anyway, it is good to at least know when some profiles were created...know what I mean?
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