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Post Posted August 10th, 2018, 1:12 am

Hi guys!
I watch a lot of youtube videos and I often pause the video and write down the time and the link.
I was looking for a faster way and I found out that when I right click on the video, Youtube has what I needed: "copy video url at current time"
Now I wanted to get the notetaking process even faster so I was thinking I could get my mac to execute a series of commands/shortcuts using a software called Spark
so that I just push one shortcut and it will pause the video > copy the url > launch textedit > paste (and then I just have to add a description to that link and I'm done.

So the issue now is that I can't simulate a right click (which is the only way I know to "copy video url at current time") without using the mouse.
Do you think I can get firefox to "copy video url at current time" with a keyboard shortcut instead of using the mouse?

Thanks guys!

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