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Post Posted October 7th, 2021, 1:33 pm

I like Pale Moon (which is now called White Star for a Mac). It is a pretty good browser and it is still configurable just as SeaMonkey is. I also have 3 chromium browsers, but I use them less often.


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I use Firefox Nightly most of the time these days.
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therube wrote:I dabbled with Waterfox some time back (when it was still Legacy only).

I don't recall any compelling reason to use it (much less their Quantum [Proton ?] version).

FF is still more configurable (more easily configurable) then any Chrome browser.
And I can still, mostly, determine (as in I have the say in) what FF is able to do, compared to Chrome - where I'd be at a far greater loss.

Some spout that Chrome is "faster" on particular websites (like facebook or whatever), but I don't facebook, so that matters not to me. ("Speed" is never an overriding concern to me. Functionality & UI is far more important.)

(I haven't really looked at "other" browsers in well over a year now. [No Internet at home.])

If I need to visit a site where SeaMonkey doesn't work well (or at all), I'll open FF.
NoScript is still there. uBlock is still there. There was a decent downloader - not signed, so relegated to "nightly" (& no idea if it is still viable today?).


Waterfox is essentially the ESR 78 version of Firefox... all those new extensions that work on Firefox, work on Waterfox too. I like its interface.

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Personally I think this topic has overstayed its welcome and should either be closed or moved to a general discussion section. Has no longer anything to do with SeaMonkey support.



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Agreed. Moving to MozillaZine Tech.

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