Firefox no longer able to create searchable PDF files

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Sad to say that I encountered a webpage that failed to print searchable pdfs with Firefox or Chrome, but succeeds with Microsoft's Edge browser. I'm on Windows 10 and trying to print with either the "Microsoft print to PDF" or "Adobe Pdf" drivers.

Firefox successes in generating searchable pdf output for most webpages (e.g., this forum), so I think it depends in part on the page itself. An example of a webpage that I can not print as a searchable PDF using Firefox but can using Edge is

An example of a webpage that I can not print as searchable PDF using any browser is

I expect the websites themselves are serving up content in different ways depending on the browser they detect, but I really have no idea. Experiment with various options.


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Moving to MozillaZine Tech as this involves multiple browsers.

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Firefox is no pdf printer thus it is not responsible for pdf structure. Use the preview first. And ofc ms products seem work better together.

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