FIREFOX SHORTCUT disappeared from my WINDOWS 10

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January 09, 2018; Tuesday

]Dear Fellow Posters:

The sole MOZILLA FIREFOX icon/folder on my Windows 10 desktop display is now the .exe I've Googled my heart out trying to find how to get the Firefox browser shortcut back but to no avail. Please help.

(Please don't ask me to click and then choose "Send to" on the dropdown sub-menu because that only works for the folder you click on and I no longer have the browser folder because it suddenly disappeared. I only have the installation folder/icon.) Nor do I want to uninstall and reinstll Firefox as that is a workaround which avoids dealing with the actual problem

Thank you; I eagerly await replies.
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Moving to MozillaZine Tech as this is not a Firefox issue but a Windows issue.

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Assuming Firefox is still installed and working, press windows key and letter E. That opens file explorer. Then go to this pc, c drive, program files, find mozilla firefox. In there, right clicking on firefox.exe and doing send to, then desktop should work.

To see if Firefox is installed properly, click start menu icon or search icon lower left. Type firefox, press enter. If it is installed properly it should run. If that does not work, reinstall is what you should do.

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