openSuse Partition question. (solved)

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Post Posted February 25th, 2017, 1:13 pm

In trying to put openSuse on a hardrive of it's own (tried several times) I keep getting references to other drives in the system.
It allows to chose the specific drive ex: ext4 430GB on sdc1 and a swap 55GB on sdc2.
Where I'm getting lost is the suggested list shows the two on SDC but also mentions a swap on sdb1 and a system swap (no drive spec).
There's three Linux distributions on the system, Mint, Ubuntu and Fedora and in none of those installations was any use of another made mandatory without the ability to edit out the other drive use and to stick with the one disc.
Checking the install information from the openSuse site doesn't clarify this.
It does note the drives to be formatted are marked in red but I'm wondering if the item sdb1 and system swap, in black, are going to be changed or modified as well?
Partition layout for each disc:
sda1 ext4 no indicated swap ion gparted (possibly the system swap shown in the install process)
sdb1 primary as ext 4; extended and linux swap (3 total)
sdc1 unallocated
sdd1 ext4 and an LVM
There appears to be no way to edit out the references to the sdb and system swap partitions.

Solved info
The swaps which appear in the list on another drive are just that, they appear. They are not apparently affected.
Depending on what you use for a partition format will dictate whether or not the grub2 installation sets up properly.
The boot order will change by default during the installation but there is an option to restore the boot sequence but you may be better off leaving it do it's default and then re-install grub once on the OS drive you had to begin with.
Graphics are nice and there appears to be only a couple of hardware glitches.

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