Minimum size possible for galeon+gnome+mozilla binaries?

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Dear friends,

I am in the process of selection of a browser and e-mail client for an embedded box running Linux. I have following options in my hand for my platform :
Mozilla, Netscape----------Open license, Feature rich-----Bulky, Resource hog
Phoenix-----------------------Open license, Feature rich-----Does not contain mailnews
Galeon------------------------Faster to load, small size :?:---Gnome libraries, no mailnews
Konqueror--------------------Feature rich(file manager,...)---QT and KDE libraries
Amaya-------------------------Follows HTML standards------No flash, no java, no javascript
Lynx----------------------------Enough features; only if I needed it fifteen years back :wink:

Is there any other possible options missed here?

Now my question is what is the minimum size possible for a fully installed galeon? Since it uses pre-installed mozilla, I don't see any advantage of it besides getting a simpler gtk interface. Or am I wrong here? Does galeon require all the libraries of mozilla? Besides that, it requires additional libraries of gnome too. That will inflate my disk requirements, virtually ruling out this option. Has anyone tried to trim available browsers to their minimum possible sizes?

Thanks in advance.

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