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Post Posted June 27th, 2006, 9:36 am

ChrisI wrote:To me FoxyTunes tends to be ideal. Even though it's not a player but just a controller, it's small, and out of the way, while the controls are always available. Including the display of the artist/track, a track slider, and volume control w/mute, that's all I need.

I saw you guys were discussing music players and mentioned FoxyTunes, so I thought you might be interested to know that a preview of the next major FoxyTunes version (2.0) has just been released.

Here's my (slightly philosophical ;) ) Blog post about it...


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Post Posted March 29th, 2011, 10:22 am

When I stumbled across Songbird I was really excited about it. The biggest thing for me was having an open source alternative to WinAmp. Sadly though, all development emphasis has moved to Android support. It still lacks true Windows integration and key features such as tabbed/multiple play queues still haven't been implemented or even confirmed as a goal for the project which is disappointing. It still remains the player with the most potential.


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Hmm bumping a ancient thread that was originally started back in November 2005 and last posted in June 2006.

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