ChatZilla doesn't beep anymore

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a couple of weeks ago ChatZilla stopped to beep when my nick was written in chat although no changes were made at the options (see pictures below).

What could be the problem?

I use Firefox 47.01 and Chatzilla 0.9.92.

I tried a different sound file (.wav) and de- and reinstalled Firefox/ChatZilla but with no avail.

Forgot to metion, I run a Windows 7 SP1 64bit pc.
Tried Firefox 47.0.1 and ChatZilla 0.9.92 on another pc with Windows 10 64bit and there everything works beep sound wise.
So it has something to do with my Win 7 configuration. I guess somehow somewhere the authorization broke for ChatZilla to be able to access any kind of sound files from the system. But I don't have any clue or knowledge how to check that assumption let alone how to fix it.

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Go to Settings -> Here you can change all settings relating to sounds.

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