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If you take a look at AOL communicator ... mmunicator

Before downloading this I was given the impression by some other comments that this was a Mozilla based standalone mail client written with XUL so somewhat like Thunderbird.

Anyway, downloading it there's a few things...

1) This ain't XUL this is a native application that embeds Gecko. Also note that the widgets do not pick up the XP theme (except for scrollbars) but the menus do have the fading effect that mozilla's doesn't.

2) The 3 components (Mail, IM and Address Book) aren't really integrated (like current Mozilla and Netscape Communicator), they have separate .exe files for each component. But as this is only an app that embeds mozilla this doesn't mean there's a standalone address book and instant messenger using XUL.

3) A lot of user interface is familiar to Netscape and Mozilla users, so perhaps some of the Netscape team have been working on this, spam filtering is in.

All in all it's not a bad product for a beta release and as it uses the Gecko rendering engine then that's still a good thing, but those who are waiting to see a standalone XUL mail app, this ain't it.

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