Color Distortion using Camino with MacBook

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When using Camino or Firefox with my MacBook colors exhibit strange distortion. I tried re-installing Camino but doesn’t work. However, with Safari Works fine.

I went to an Apple Store, and the Apple technician said that he have seen such problems in quite a few Apple’s machines using Camino or Firefox; therefore, he told me: “your computer is fine (…) this is a browser problem (a Camino’s problem) (…) isn’t a hardware corruption”

However, based on some of the users’ comments, I might think my computer has a color corruption on its GPU, but not sure.

In fact, I’ve received kind comments and suggestions from users of this forum such as “cflawson”, “Uncle Asad”, “aptenergy”, melin”, “seldon”, “cannedbrain”.

Here an example: ... cture1.png

I’d really appreciate any help on this matter.


P.s. I am posting on both Firefox and Camino since my MacBook exhibit the problem on both.


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Post Posted April 13th, 2007, 8:28 am

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