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Post Posted March 27th, 2007, 3:31 am

First, sorry for bad english, I don't speak english so wel...

Hi again!

When I download a new extension/theme for thunderbird/firefox, I always ask the author if that can be used with my 'portable' firefox/thunderbird, because of it's usage (many PCs, many users, anywhere..., it runs on my pendrive).

But I've got there an e-mail saying that ANY MOZILLA ADDONS are intended to be used with any compatible mozilla application (so, including my portable versions with it's 'not so usual' usage).

That's true? Can I stop asking for permissions to use the addons in my portable mozilla apps? ALL the addons (extensions and themes) are the same licensing as Mozilla products are (MPL)? Or the licensing is choice of the addon's author?

Please, let me know that.


I`ve searched for help on the Knowledge base and forums, but I`ve got only this site, that says...

They are supplied as-is with absolutely no warrantee

all the addons are free.... (With a few exceptions here and there)

extensions are free little applications

Well, that`s true? They`re all free, wich one or or exception? It`s not only for extensions, but to the themes too?



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Post Posted March 29th, 2007, 9:44 pm

Open the extensions and see what license they are issued under.
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