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I am a college student and I am wondering what languages I should study to become proficient in open source coding. could anyone give a suggestion or two.

ps. this post is for a class project on..............wait for it...............................posting in a forum.
thank you for your patience and if you do have suggestions let me know

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Javascript, C and xul for firefox. But open-source just means the source code is available for anyone to download and compile themselves, so any open-source program could use any language.


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The language "to learn" depends on what the "right" language for a project is. And there is only one correct answer to the question, "What is the 'right' language to use for a project?"

(of course, the answer is "depends on the needs and nature of the project")

I see this a lot, though. People ask about what language is best for something, but people really should know and be familiar with multiple languages and then be able to pick the most appropriate language(s) out of their tool belt depending on the situation.
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