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Have just moved from Moz.Mail to Thunderbird and have tried to include into my prefs.js the setting "user_pref("mail.check_all_imap_folders_for_new", true);" to check all my IMAP Folders for New Mail. This doesn't seem to work under Thunderbird release build 2003-04-16-win32, can anyone tell me where I am going wrong ??.

D. :)

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Post Posted May 20th, 2003, 11:44 am

I have this in my prefs file, and I'm using Thunderbird 0.6, the May 15th build.

In my case, Thunderbird <i>does</i> check all folders when you press the "Get Mail" button. However, it does <i>not</i> check all folders on startup, only Inbox. It would be nice if that were fixed. (It would also be nice, for other people, to have this preference exposed in a dialog rather than only available through manual prefs file editing.)

I haven't tested yet to see if the periodic automatic check-for-new-mail functionality checks all the folders or only Inbox.

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Post Posted May 20th, 2003, 12:03 pm

OK, it looks like the periodic mail check will look at all the folders, both on Mozilla and on Thunderbird.

So it's only the check-on-startup that is lacking, on Thunderbird.

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Post Posted May 20th, 2003, 12:13 pm

One more thing. I should make clear that I'm using the Windows version, under XP..

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Post Posted May 25th, 2003, 12:40 am

Now that I've been using this for a while, I've noticed another quirk in the IMAP folder updating and the automated periodic check-for-new-mail. I'll often get the new mail "bing-bong" sound, and the little popup in the lower right corner of the screen that says I have new mail, but there won't actually be any new mail.

It appears to be a case of "the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing"... the code driving the sound & popup is not aware of folder moves. Usually what has happened is this:

- I delete some message from the Inbox.
- Thunderbird automatically moves that message to the Trash. In the lefthand pane that shows the message counts, the counts for Inbox and Trash are updated accordingly.
- Time passes... then the automated mail check happens, and it says I have new mail, but I actually don't. Apparently it is confused because of the changed message count of Trash and/or Inbox since last it checked.

If I actually _have_ received new mail during this time, then it is discovered by the automated check correctly, but the popup declares an incorrect new mail count -- for example, if I received 1 new message, and deleted 1 message, then the popup will say that I have 2 new messages.

This bug is also triggered if I explicitly move mail between folders (i.e. it doesn't just happen on delete-and-move-to-Trash).

In slightly related news, when I send a mail (and a copy gets saved in the Sent folder), the message count for the Sent folder does not get updated until I explicitly check that folder or Get Mail. That issue doesn't really annoy me though.

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interestingly enough, ive had that happen with mozilla 1.3, but i havent had it happen in thunderbird yet, oh well, i guess im lucky so far.


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Well, I just got notified that I had 16 new messages on the server. There was 1.

And it was junk.....................
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