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I would like to use Paragraph/Variable Width, but I find that under certain circumstances I can't. Specifically, when replying to some e-mails, the Paragraph style chooses a non-installed font for me. If I select "Variable Width" as the font, as soon as I start typing it switches back to the font it had selected before. I find that I can only override this by selecting a non-generic entry in the font menu such as "Helvetica, Arial".

This has suddenly become a particularly bad problem, because for one correspondent it has started choosing "MT Extra (not installed)", which displays normal text fine for me. However my correspondent does have this font installed, so the message renders to him as an unreadable collection of symbols. IIUC, MT Extra is the font used by the Microsoft Office mathematical equation editor.

Elsewhere on this forum, people have complained that they need to override the choice of "Variable Width" with a specific font, but I am having the opposite problem: I want to use "Variable Width" for the Paragraph style throughout, but I can't rely on being able to do that. I have been through the various preferences, but I can't get the composer to respect the defaults that I have set here. Does anyone have any suggestions, either for fixing this or finding out more about what is going on?

I am using Thunderbird version 78.11.0, as provided by openSUSE 15.2.
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