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I have a case where a mailing list picks up emails from a common address and sends them to my mailbox. When I receive these emails I send an auto-reply template message providing some basic troubleshooting steps.

Last year I upgraded from TB45 to TB52 on linux. Since that time the auto-reply is attempting to respond to the mailing list address rather than the individual who sent the email. I have found a lot of discussions from other people having similar problems, but there never seems to be a solution to make it work again. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this problem and perhaps has a solution?

The pertinent error from the filter log: Filter Action Failed: "Sending reply aborted" with error code=0x80004004 while attempting: Applied filter "Web Info" to message from "help (Original Sender)" <> - [help] Web help

Basically I need an option to specify that I want to reply to the sender and not the mailing list. Note that the mailing list configuration is set up so when you click the reply button messages are sent to the sender and not the list. The message headers also have Reply-To set to the sender's original email address, so thunderbird appears to be ignoring the Reply-To field and skipping right down to the From field.
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