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I have come across an interesting problem when setting up a new account in Thunderbird. The account I was trying to set up was a account. the password that the client had used contained a #. Whenever I tried to set up the account, it came back "user name or password incorrect". To ascertain that the password was correct I used the BT WebMail portal and it logged on successfully. I also tried Windows Live Mail and that functioned correctly.

The question is, is the # a restricted character in Thunderbird?


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Cross Post. Locking.

This Bugs forum section is not the official place to advise Mozilla of bugs/feature requests, etc. That location would be Bugzilla. Note that Bugzilla is not a discussion forum as this one is. Please just report the issue with steps to reproduce and don't expect a direct response but only monitor the entry for comments/solutions going forward.

This forum is not run by or formally associated with Mozilla. We're an independent user-helping-user community.

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