Copy into Word doesn't work from Write window in 52.1.1

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Post Posted May 22nd, 2017, 10:19 am

I just upgraded to Thunderbird 52.1.1. (32 bit). In the Write (message) window, when I select text and then either do an Edit...Copy... or a Ctrl+C, go to a Word document (for example) and do a paste operation, nothing happens. Copy and paste are working in Word. Apparently, the Copy operation isn't working in Thunderbird. This exact same sequence worked fine in all previous versions of Thunderbird. I am going to have to use the restore point I set in Windows 7 SP1 and go back to the previous version of Thunderbird to get this working. Note: I have experienced this bug repeatedly since installing 52.1.1. On one occasion, I was able to exit and re-start Thunderbird and get the Copy operation to work. However, I have tried that several times subsequently, and it doesn't solve the problem. Since I use this operation every time I send an e-mail, this is a critical bug for me.

I posted the above a day or so ago. On further testing, I discovered that the copy operation does work when I copy and paste into Notepad and Wordpad. It does not work when I copy and paste into Word (I'm using Word in Office 2000), and this is repeatable. The operation did work in Word 2000 in all previous versions of Thunderbird. Copy and paste works on pasting things into Word from all other applications I have tried. Apparently, something changed in this latest release of Thunderbird that disabled the ability to copy and paste from Thunderbird's Write window into Word 2000. Again, it is a critical bug for me -- which I why I moved this back to the bug forum.


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Post Posted May 22nd, 2017, 10:21 am

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