Is this a known BUG / Issue?

Discussion of bugs in Mozilla Thunderbird
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Here is a video of my desktop filmed using Snagit 13 / Screencast - of all the steps
1. Uninstall Thunderbird
2. Delete the remaining APPDATA Thunderbird files
3. install fresh 52.0.1
4. Load Thunderbird up so it will create its default profile and Exit Thunderbird
5. Launch Mozbackup Beta and restore.
6. Launch Thunderbird - everything is perfect as intended can view all emails see sub folders in gmail.
7. Close Thunderbird
8. Reopen Thunderbird - all messages and folders GONE

Please help this is driving me nuts not being able to restore and use Tbird on my laptop properly while traveling abroad.


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Duplicate, X post, locking. Continue the discussion here: viewtopic.php?f=39&t=3029569
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