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This may very well be one of those freakish 1/100000 chance things, but i began adding addresses to my contact book, and once i hit 3, the address book screen size started changing spastically, as if to constantly account and forget about the slidebar.

considering this is a graphical glitch, i suppose you should see my desktop properties.

1024x768, thunderbird addy book window minimized to approx. 750x500.

can anyone confirm? this might be a tough one to fix... or maybe you could just have the addy book start at a different size. haha, well, thats my bug fo da day. :-)

Danke mucho (german + spanish = germish... or is it sperman? haha)

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If there are exactly 3 entries, the screen goes haywire. If I either add 1 or delete 1 so there are no longer 3, then the display is ok.

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Yes, i also got this when i've got 1 mail in my mail list, and make the list smaller (drag the devider up) untill the list gets smaller than one line..

Only happens with one email in the list. Also happens when the entire thunderbird screen is maken smaller.

This is what happens:



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Welkom op het forum.

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Hey, dank je.. ;)

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