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I'm running version 0.1a (20030603) on Win2K

I've configured only one account, which is an IMAP account. Let's say my email is on this IMAP account. I've also configured an LDAP directory, which works fine, 'cuz I can query against it in the "Address Book" window. BTW, my LDAP directory requires a username/password.

So when I'm composing a new message, any text I enter in the To: field that doesn't match an entry in my Personal Address book automatically gets "" appended to it.

For example, if I enter "John Doe" in the To: field and John Doe has an entry in my LDAP directory but not in my Personal Address book, Thunderbird completes the address as "Jonn". If I go ahead and send the message, I get reply saying the message to "John" failed and the message to "" failed.

If I turn Address Autocomplete off, the "" goes away, but Thunderbird still tries to send a message to John and a message to Doe. Is there a "complete address on demand" command/keystroke that will query the LDAP directory?


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