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I have a flaky Windows 2000 PC [an oxymoron I know] that I am about to reformat and reload. I moved my installation of Thunderbird to another PC and copied my profile over.

When I launched Thunderbird, it prompted me to create a new profile. [It would be nice if Thunderbird let me point to an existing profile.] I created a new profile, shut down Thunderbird and copied the Mail and News folders from my other profile into the new profile.

I launched Thunderbird again and saw my email accounts, but could not view my inbox, news groups, etc. I created a new profile and recreated my mail account and copied the contents of the inbox folder over the contents of that profile. *poof* I was back in business with my email.

When I downloaded messages from the server, I suddenly had twice as many messages as before. The read emails suddenly had an unread copy. No big deal, I just deleted them.

My news account on the other hand, has been another problem entirely.

I can't seem to see any of the newsgroups that I have subscribed to. The news servers are all listed,but no groups.

What is the recommended procedure for moving Thunderbird installs to another machine with all messages, etc?


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Post Posted May 31st, 2003, 1:58 pm

If you just copied files from the old profile to the new one, you'll have to open up prefs.js and check all paths.
The old profile had a different xxxxxxxx.slt name, and you have to change all paths in the prefs.js to the new path.
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