some bug with chinese traditional big5 mail

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hi there , i just install latest thunder bird cvs version 2003/5/21 for windows , it's good but there is something wrong for mails with chinese traditional big5 encoding topic
my os is windows 2k pro with sp3 chinese traditional version
when i got mails encoding with chinese traditional big5 , i can read then without any problem , but when i try to forward it to someone else , topic of this mail will become unreadable chars like FW:XXX
i think this is thnuder bird bug , i've try mozilla mail 1.3 and 1.4b , it's ok for mozilla mail 1.3 and 1.4 b
thanks for your hard working on thunder bird , i like it :)

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it seems thunderbird assumed the mail to be in English, thus encoding the use of font becomes wrong when i use Chinese as the default other than English.

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