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Two problems with the 05-15-03 version:

1. Setting encoding to Windows-1251 (Cyrillic) results in a message in windows-1252 (Western English) charset. However, setting encoding to koi8-r results in properly encoded messages.

2. I am forced to set encoding myself. This is inconvenient. This seems to be a tradition of Netscape. However, I don't have to do this in Outlook Express. It automatically detects cyrillic characters in text (BTW, TB does that too) and switches encoding to koi8-r, and resulting messages correctly have that encoding.

3. Evidently, TB doesn't encode KOI8-R correctly either. Depending on destination, text (in the subject) that appears normally when it's sent via OE, appears with extra '_' or ' ' characters when viewed via web interface on different services. It is interesting that when I recieved these messages with NC 4.7 and with TB, they appeared correctly. This tells me that both TB and NC 4.x share the same way of encoding/decoding cyrillic chars, and it seems faulty.
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I think it's a regression over Mozilla Mail. Most of these things work in Mozilla Mail (for me).
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