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Post Posted April 19th, 2003, 10:36 am

I would like to see an icon in the system tray that will change/make noise when I get e-mail. I should be able to set it to launch Thunderbird automatically or on click, etc. I should be able to customize the icons it uses. Animated icons should be supported. I should be able to select which sound it makes, if any. It is also important that no matter how it is implemented (extension, seperate program, etc.) That it has a very small memory and processor usage.

Here are other things it should do -

Tell me how many new e-mails there are, without launching thunderbird
Give me a customized summary of the new e-mails on demand, without launching thunderbird
Allow me to launch a window from thunderbird with which I can compose and send a new message, but without opening the other thunderbird windows.
Allow me to set the interval at which it checks for new mail
Set it to check multiple e-mail boxes
Also set it to notify of replies to newsgroup postings

I might be asking for a little too many features to be crammed into a system tray icon. But I feel it is better to ask for too much, and get more than to ask for too little and not get enough. All I really want to know is when I've got mail, how much, and what it is. I only want to have to actually open Thunderbird when I want to write or read e-mail. And if I only want to write e-mail I don't want to have to open the e-mail reading windows. I just want a lone composing window. Any other ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Oh, one more thing. It should work in both windows and linux system trays. gaim works in system trays on both OS's, so this can too.


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Post Posted April 19th, 2003, 12:07 pm

Even if "dedicated" to the win32, you may take a look at ... sc&start=0
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What you are asking for would require another whole program that would access your tbird prefs to connect to your pop/imap server and check for messages?

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