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Post Posted April 14th, 2003, 2:22 am

I am an Eudora user since ages (8 years..) and I since I would like to move to Minotaur, I dare to ask for 2 little features;

1. A "get mail" drop-down button, so that I can download emails from each account independently.
2. A download mail status bar, so that I can see how many messages Minotaur is downloading and how many are left..(if this is confusing I will take a screenshot)

3. A feature missing in Eudora, but that I have seen on other email clients: the number of new email messages displayed beside each mailbox.



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Post Posted April 14th, 2003, 2:56 am

[1. ] should be there already [Moz mail has had it for ages]

prequote [aab]: I did say should: ]
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Post Posted April 14th, 2003, 3:46 am

cdn wrote:[1. ] should be there already [Moz mail has had it for ages]

Minotaur does not have it.

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Post Posted April 14th, 2003, 9:25 am

I'm using The Bat! as my main eMail-Client since many years, and there are two nice shortcuts for Get Mail: <F2> to get Mail for one special eMail-Address, and <CTRL>-<F2> to get new mails from all Accounts.
Is there a similar Key in Minotaur? And it isn't important to me, that it is <F2>, it is important to me, that there is any Hotkey to collect new messages.

Thanks for the information.



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Post Posted April 14th, 2003, 9:28 am

#3 is already there but it's really hard to explain without a screenshot. I'll try anyway. You see the sort bar (if you click on a label, it'll sort that way). Go to the very right of that bar and there should be a small button. Click on it.


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Post Posted April 14th, 2003, 2:02 pm

oh cool thanks for that hao2lian. i was wondering where that was... took me a bit to find it so let me clear it up...

he's talking about the folder view... NOT the message view pane :D that's where i looked... ;)

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Post Posted April 14th, 2003, 11:11 pm

I believe I remember seeing somewhere that option 1 was specifically removed.

I... have no idea why.

I also think that Mozilla's status dispaly rather sucks. Ideally, I'd like something like a hybrid of what Outlook Express and Eudora do, though I'm not sure if I could easily describe it at the moment.
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