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One of the things that really slows me down when using Mozilla Mail and now Minotaur (which, by the way, is exactly what I've been waiting for for years!) is the lack of "Spring loaded folders".

For those of you that don't know about this feature, try using Apple's Mac OS X (my default mail client at home). The idea is simple: auto-close the folders that are opened when a user drags a message from one folder to another. Right now, Minotaur automatically opens a folder if it is closed and you drag a message over the open triangle. This is only half of what it should do; If a folder is opened this way, it should automatically close when a user is finished dropping a message on a subfolder.

This feature makes it easy to keep a default list of folders open, but move messages to an unopened folder without permanently affecting your default folder view. On Apple, I can sort messages into folders quickly this way.

An addition to this would be to adjust the amount of time required before a folder springs open. Right now, it takes a little too long to open a folder while dragging a message.

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Right click Move/Copy to-> you get the whole hierarchy in a contextual menu.

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I am aware of this alternative, however thanks for reminding me (I haven't used it in a while)...

Still, I would like to see this feature implemented, since the alternative that you suggest adds an extra step to the process, and isn't "drag-and-drop" behavior. I also shouldn't have to use two different processes, one simple one for when I want to move messages to a top level folder and a different (and more involved) one when I want to move a message to a subfolder.

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